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Fluidmaster, the leading global supplier of toilet cistern technology solutions, is found in more toilet cisterns than all other brands combined. As the customer’s first choice and preferred supplier of toilet cistern tank trim, we have been ingeniously engineering the internal flushing mechanisms of toilet cisterns for more than half a century.

Built on and inspired by an unsurpassed history of innovation, Fluidmaster has become an icon in the plumbing industry. Our reputation for superior quality continues to grow as we cultivate and support partnerships around the world with retailers, wholesalers and toilet cistern manufacturers.

Comprehensive Line of Innovative Toilet Cistern Repair Products.

The popularity of Fluidmaster inlet valves has supported our expansion into related product lines through the years. Today, Fluidmaster markets more than 67 million toilet cistern repair products annually and sells more toilet cistern tank replacement valves than any other manufacturer in the world.

About The Partner

In addition to the inaugural inlet valve, our complete line of toilet cistern repair parts includes dual flush valves, buttons, wax, toilet cisterns, rear / side entry inlet valves, access panels, toilet cistern repair kits, water supply connectors, flush valves, flappers, and tank levers.

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