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Our successful team relies on effective communication, cooperation, and a diverse set of skills. Each member’s expertise contributes to the overall success of the team and the projects we undertake for our members. We have an extensive collection of qualifications, experience, and teamwork that ensures we can provide our members a strong and capable support network.


President's Message

Your association is a “not for profit” representative body. Strength comes in numbers. We need each member to be an advocate for Master Plumbers New South Wales and recommend the Association to non-members. The power we can create with strength in numbers will ensure good policy outcomes from both federal and state governments for our businesses, our industry and your livelihood.

Work safe, play hard and be confident to know your Master Plumbers New South Wales has your back.

Greg McElroy

MPA NSW President

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The MPA NSW Executive Committee

Greg McElroy

Representing Killara and Rose Bay Plumbing.

Nathan Broughton

Vice President
Representing Chiswick Plumbing Group Pty Ltd.

Ashley Lowther

Representing Panania Plumbing Pty Ltd.

Craig Scott

Representing Scott & Sons Plumbers, Drainers & Gasfitters Services.

Andrew Murphy

Representing Murphy Plumbing Projects Pty Ltd.

Bill Armstrong

Representing B&J Armstrong Plumbing.

Peter Honey

Executive Committee Member
Representing Priority Plus Plumbing Pty Ltd.

Matthew Braid

Executive Committee Member
Representing Network Plumbing Professionals Pty Ltd.

David Dighton

Executive Committee Member
Representing Thornleigh Plumbing Services

Peter Richardson

Executive Committee Member
Representing Sidney & Richardson.

Gary Cook

Executive Committee Member

Our Corporate Partners

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