Industrial Relations Changes

Current Situation

Working in collaboration with Master Builders Australia to stop the Federal Government’s proposed Industrial Relations changes that will affect plumbers.

New industrial relations laws spell trouble for independent contractors and subcontractors.

Key changes being proposed include:

  • Changes to independent contractors – some will be forced to become employees
  • Complex new labour-hire rules apply to subcontractors
  • New ‘employee-like’ category of employment impacting independent contractors
  • More rights for unions and changes to entry powers
  • Changes to casual workers
  • New fines and penalties for employers

Our Position

We are advocating on behalf of our members for the changes they would like to be made to strengthen our industry and protect consumers from substandard work and/or products.

We welcome any new building changes and information requirements but believe our members have the right to be their own boss if they choose.

Rather than the proposed, we believe the current arrangements should stay in place.

We Want

Vigorously lobby and protect contractors and sole traders.

To ensure all current subcontractors' arrangements remain in place.

To continue the consultation process to consult with all tradies.

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We support our members with ongoing education, onsite training, code compliance and standards advice, industry knowledge and best practice.

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