Hints and tips – backflow accredited plumbers working in Sydney

23 August 2023


“This is paperwork you don’t have to do…”
Sydney Water encourages plumbers using Sydney Water Tap In® to consider the accompanying troubleshooting steps if they encounter difficulties with the database.

You apply for access to our backflow database, but your application is rejected.

When you register for access to our backflow database, you must use the same name you used to set up your Sydney Water Tap In account. If the name doesn’t match what’s on your backflow accreditation, you won’t be approved to access the database. You can’t use a generic business name or the name of non-accredited staff in your business to gain access.

You try to register a replacement backflow prevention containment device, only to be told it’s been registered twice or registered incorrectly.

Duplicate devices may be created if you’ve accidentally registered a replacement device as a new one. As a result, your customer starts receiving letters about the requirement for annual tests. We may even commence compliance action against them.

To avoid this issue, double check the category you choose from the dropdown in the backflow database when you’re replacing a device with a new one. Look for the specific option to add a replacement device.

You register a backflow prevention containment device, only be told the device has been installed on the wrong account number.

Always double check that you’re installing, replacing, or testing a device on the correct Sydney Water account number. The account number is the 7-digit number located on the top right of your customer’s Sydney Water bill.

If you’re testing a multi-unit strata property, the containment device should be registered against the account number of the master strata property, not the account number of the individual unit. Remember: backflow prevention containment devices are installed on the main incoming water supply to a property directly after the main water meter.

You carry out an annual test, upload the test report through Sydney Water Tap In, and then send us a test confirmation email as well.

This is paperwork you don’t have to do, and reviewing unnecessary test confirmation emails slows us down, too. Our backflow database automatically tracks your uploaded test reports and updates the status of tested devices. Simple.

We hope these tips are helpful in improving the way you interact with our backflow database.

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