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About this Service

InteliCorp Pty Ltd is the largest Wholesaler of smart toilets and eco toileting products in Oceania. InteliCorp is the parent company to The BIDET SHOP. Intelicorp is a professional supply company that owns warehousing, distribution facilities and distribution channels with a comprehensive network of installers throughout multiple countries and regions. The products we supply are technologically and aesthetically proven, they come highly specified by architects, health workers and are in use by government departments, NDIS, DVA, health services, hospitals, leading hotels, and corporate offices and in hundreds of thousands of homes. Our Occupational Therapy Care Department services the needs of our clinical clients nationally.

Intelicorp Learning Module

To access the Intelicorp Learning Module, register in their Trade Portal below:

Once you are inside the Learning Module, you can put your knowledge to the test. Download the PDF using the download button and complete the quiz. Enjoy the learning experience!
This learning module will help new and existing sales staff educate themselves on the InteliCorp product range and installation information. All participants will receive a InteliCorp Certificate upon completion.
Learning Outcome
At the end of the learning module, you will better understand key components:

  • Relevance of bidets in today’s market
  • Variations of electronic bidet systems
  • Plumbing regulations
  • Commercial applications

Get 17.5% off

Currently unless otherwise established, all Master Plumbers are considered L2 Trade customers that currently receive Trade pricing of 10% off RRP on InteliCorp products. By completing the InteliCorp Learning Module your business will receive 17.5% off InteliCorp product RRP by completing this learning module, upgrading to S2 Trade Customers.

All other pricing levels do not receive additional wholesale pricing benefits.

About The Partner

About Bidets

We are passionate about customer service and our desire to ensure that our customers purchase the Bidet most suitable for their wants and needs. This also resonates with our impressive warranty system ensuring that our customers are looked after for the long term.

Bidets have undeniably transcended their luxury status, becoming a standard feature in high-end housing and retirement villages throughout Australia and New Zealand. The convenience of retrofit installation, combined with the bidet’s hygienic and eco-friendly advantages, has elevated its appeal to residents from all walks of life. As we move towards a future focused on well-being and sustainability, bidets are poised to retain their throne as a fundamental fixture in both luxury and regular households across the region. When budgeted into a project. Building? Refurbishing? Upgrading? – The question isn’t – why a bidet? It’s – “WHY NOT?”

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